Louise Balksäter offers and delivers the following services:


·   Drafting of Tax Returns for Non-Residents in Spain;

·   Tax advice on the sale of property;

·   Tax advice upon purchasing property as well as information on the steps to be taken to       complete a secure purchase;

·   Tax advice relating to inheritance and donation of property;

·   Calculating and settling of both State and Municipal taxes

·   Legal representation for Non-Residents in Spain (this means that Louise Balksäter               may  act as contact person between the Tax Authorities and the client and is enabled         to   receive any notifications that the Spanish National Tax Office [Agencia Tributaria]           should issue, without the client needing to be in Spain at that time);


Verbal translation of Notarised documents.


These services are rendered without requiring the client to be in Spain in person and are applicable to all Real Estate property located in Spanish territory, not only on Gran Canaria.  


Over the past 30 years, Louise Balksäter has dealt with a network of reliable and efficient professionals who can offer you the following services:


·    Notary Public (drafting and granting of any types of official documents including Power of Attorney, Purchases and Sales, Acceptance of Inheritances, etc.);    

·    Solicitors who speak your language: Legal assistance, private contracts, etc.;  

·    Banks (working together with three Banks but with contacts in most of the others);

·    Administrative Affairs Agents (Gestorías) (for procedures required to obtain residence permits, all types of procedures at the Traffic Authorities, Tax Advice for individuals and companies, accounting, etc.);

·    Insurance Brokers (they will find the best and cheapest insurance policy for your needs);

·    Architects (Building projects, certificates, permits, etc.);

·    Builders (All types of renovations and construction with full guarantees and the best prices);

·    Estate Agents who speak your language: whether you are looking for a specific   property or wish to sell one, Louise Balksäter will set up the initial contact;    

·    Translators and Interpreters (for your sworn and other unofficial translation needs).